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Casa Sagrada’s rugs are truly and completely works of art.

Co-owned by Augusto Castillo and Anna Siekavizza, Casa Sagrada was born out of the vision to transform traditional Mayan textile pieces into art and interiors. The result is a stunning home interior collection that revisits and revives time-honored Mayan weaving technique to create sophisticated timeless area rugs. The designs are contemporary in look and style and offer a rich color palette.

Every piece in our collection is a unique work of art that will add warmth and beauty to homes, hotels and offices.


Inspired by Ancient Heritage

Casa Sagrada’s rugs honor the Huipil, which is the highest and most complexed Guatemalan artistic expression.
The mystique and uniqueness of our rugs owe a lot to Chichicastenango’s traditional tapestry-styled huipiles with superb floral design, fantastic texture and colors. Chichicastenango, also known as Santo Tomás Chichicastenango, is a town in the El Quiché department of Guatemala, known for its traditional K’iche’ Maya culture.
The huipil is handwoven on back-strap looms using timeless techniques passed down for generations. A single garment can take anywhere from one to six months to complete. A Mayan woman’s huipil defines not only her personality and geographical location but also expresses her cultural and social sensibilities.

Transcending the Tradition

Casa Sagrada transforms and transcends the traditional, and by doing so, gives a new meaning to the Huipil, the centerpiece of the Guatemalan textile heritage. A huipil can transcend; thus giving it a soul. By using textiles that have been around for generations and repurposing them, a feeling of “already having been loved” is created and emotions – the most powerful forces inside us – are invoked.

Casa Sagrada’s creative process involves disassembling the conventional shape of the huipiles and collectively rearranging them into a contemporary structural form. The final result is a refined “flower garden” rug that will cause an impression, transporting your imagination to the colorful world of Mayan lands.
An incredible amount of time and effort go into composing the rugs, selecting the perfect colors and tying the huipiles together.

Anna and Augusto, the creative forces of Casa Sagrada, search far and wide for the most exquisite and rare huipiles and honor the indigenous women by paying fair and sustainable prices for their products.


They hire the most talented artisans in the country. They spare nothing to create rugs and art pieces that will always be outstanding. Due to their historical value as well as the collectible nature of limited edition rugs , Casa Sagrada’s pieces are coveted by art collectors and rug aficionados alike.

Legacy – Community Impact

Supporting a sustainable world for Guatemalan indigenous artisans

For Casa Sagrada, being stylish comes down to making conscious choices of cultural textiles and craftsmanship. We refrain from using anything that is synthetic and make sure that our creations are “honestly produced”. There will always be a positive impact of the making of his products on artisans, communities and ecosystem as he continuously support craft-based principles and practices.

Empowering women

We currently employed 48 Guatemalan indigenous women (and we started with 8 only). We recognize women as the driving force in achieving economic and social development in developing countries like Guatemala.

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About the Rugs

Stylists and decorators know that our rugs are as beautiful and versatile off the floor as they are on. Casa Sagrada’s rugs act as a backdrop to an interior and give depth, texture and color. When hung, they can even serve as artworks, giving you something unique to decorate your home with.

Our rugs are available on 4 different sizes:

Giving Back

Safe water project In Guatemala about a million families do not have access to clean drinking water. We make sure that our employees and their families have access to a sustainable source of clean drinking water by donating “Ecofiltro” filters to all of our workers. Casa Sagrada also partners with other NGOs. Check out below for more information on social projects we support:



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